January 18, 2017

7 Tips to decorating your living room

The layout and decoration of your living room is set to form the first impressions anybody has about your house and lifestyle. The kind of furniture used, how and where it has been placed – all of these small and big aspects influence the aesthetic appeal you want your guests to associate with your house.  
  • Set a classic style
With people having greater affinity towards classic designs, it is always best to bring a more tried and tested layout to your living room. While your bedrooms or study can reflect a more personal style, it is always recommended to take a conventional yet customized approach for the living room.

Have a predetermined idea as to what tone your room needs to set. There are two kinds of styles – symmetric and asymmetric. While symmetric is a more calm and orderly design, asymmetric designs are also popular creating a more young and energetic vibe.

  • Measure every element
The first thing to do when buying anything for your living room is measure the size. Calculate all the math to understand how proportionate it will be with the size of the room and the free-space you intend to have. Also ensure you check the dimensions of the hallways, stairs and door widths so that you have enough room for any future purchases.  
  • Create a focal point
It is always best to arrange living room furniture around a particular focal point. While some people create artificial structures or try to direct towards the front garden, the most common focal point in most living rooms is the television. focal

Though the latest TVs are fairly mobile, it is still important to ensure that the unit is placed at a comfortable height when being viewed from your sofas. People shouldn’t have to look up or down onto the television. If you’re using a wall-mount TV, make sure the wiring is pinned to the wall preferably from beneath and if you are using a stand, it is best to have the unit under the TV so that the cables are not left haywire.

  • Create a healthy balance
Though modularity is the trend, make sure your living room reflects a certain balance with furnishing or evenly mixed sizes, colours and shapes. Try to decorate your room like putting together a jigsaw puzzle with furniture in a way that every piece is naturally placed where it is supposed to. Pay attention to the height, depth and width of every object. Incorporate a variety of furniture with different characteristics to highlight attention to any particular place. If you’re looking for a serene theme, it would be best to leave the furniture sizes in a room similar.  
  • Seating
When decorating the living room, make sure the seating is placed in a comfortable section using the right furniture. No matter how pretty it looks, if it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t all that good. So a great sectional is an excellent starting point to decorating your living room.

Sectional sofas are not only trendy but also creates a natural conversation zone. People facing each other in an L or U shaped setting is already designed for conversations. The comfort and sleekness only adds on to its value.


To play out the balance, you can have armchairs or side chars around the sectional sofas to create a satellite effect. But make sure you don’t get heavy furniture for your satellite seats, because you may have to move them around to accommodate more or less people.

  • Watch your tables
The size of your tables is as important as the size of your rooms. Where it is placed is of even more importance. A tea table should keep a 15 inch distance from the sofas. Its size should be just enough to place a glass each for the number of people who can sit on your sofas. Basically, you want people to walk around the tea table but not treat it like a bar. tables  
  • Create a totality
Once the basics have been addresses, look around for missing links that can be decorated with beautiful antiques or a book shelf. The point is to create a unified wholeness with the different elements in your room.

But it’s sometimes nice to leave a little space unaddressed, because seldom are we completely happy with our furniture. So, feel free to leave space and opportunity for that beautiful side console you are probably going to buy next Diwali.

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