January 18, 2017

What makes teak furniture so special?

Time and again, we hear experts, retailers and carpenters alike talking about how teak is a better investment. But seldom do people comprehend the real reasons of why it stands a class apart.For one, we know it is expensive and is used to adorn the houses of the aristocratic and affluent. But what you need to know is that there are specific aesthetic and non-aesthetic features that makes teak so precious.  


Teak is the most strongest and durable wood available in the world. Most antique furniture that are available in today’s market have all been crafted in the highest quality teak. In fact, the example of 2000 year old teak furnishings found intact within the cave temples of Salsette in Maharashtra, India is the greatest testimony for the durability of teak. The abundant presence of natural oils and rubber locked into the tightest grain of the wood,gives it natural weather-resisting properties when compared to any other type of wood. These oils and rubber protect the heart of the wood from all external degraders such as fungi and parasites that often destroy furniture.  


Another quality that makes it a preferred choice among affluent classes, is its aesthetic appeal. Teak wood has a straight grain pattern combined with a deep yellow-brown colour that makes it equally ideal for doors, bedrooms, living rooms or the patio. Unlike regular plywood, MDF or chipboards, teak surfaces are smooth and even making it all the more desirable.   img_7112  

Ages gracefully

Just like premium leather, teak wood gets a refined and rustic look along with time. It develops a palish brown to yellow colour that brings a whole new appeal to your furniture. This change in colour brings no change to its everlasting strength or durability. But those who prefer its initial golden colour may apply wood oils to retain its youthfulness.  

Moderates heat

Unlike plastics, metal or other newly engineered furnishing materials, teak wood does not get heated up in the summers or cool down in the winters. It maintains a moderate temperature that makes it perfect for outdoor seating or patio furnishing.Nilambur furniture crafts exquisite teak furniture using high quality teak sourced from the forests of Kerala. Click to see some of our most popular products.

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