January 19, 2017

Termite protection for your furniture

One of the frequently cited benefits of investing in teak wood is its natural resistance to termites. Though this is often mentioned as an intrinsic quality of teak, the actual fact is that termites do not like teak and are repelled by durable surfaces. However, with time and wear, termites do tend to feed on teak whether they enjoy it or not. So how do we protect our expensive and valuable teak furniture from these annoying buggers? Below are a few tried and tested methods of keeping not only teak, but all your wooden furniture from termites.  

Get a termite inspection

Though this is the most obvious, people do tend to take their termite issues lightly like they were sugar ants. However, uninspected termite growth can irreversibly damage your furniture and can even put the safety of inhabitants at risk. One particular thing to ensure is that termite inspectors survey the surroundings of your house along with the interiors. If there are visible termite activities in the garden or a tree, it should be duly noted and appropriate action must be taken.  

Leave a nearly dead piece of wood next to your valuable wooden furniture.

In case you leave your house closed or visit only once in every few months (which is the case for a lot of NRI home owners), this tip can really buy you time before termites attack your valuable furniture. If at all termites attack your house while you are gone, they would first feast on the dying piece of wood thereby buying you time to take note and initiate treatment.  

Apply organic citrus oil on furniture.

The citric acid in oil extracts of lemon, orange and lime can eliminate or prevent termites to a large extent. However, this is a temporary treatment and you will have to repeat the process every couple of weeks to ensure protection. Also do note that citrus oils can be inflammable and shouldn’t be used next to fireplaces. Wooden furniture is meant to last and is mostly a valuable asset especially in the case of teak. With the right amount of precaution, effort and preparation, you can enjoy the durability, luxury and beauty of your furniture without interference from damaging pests.

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