January 18, 2017

Top 3 home furnishing trends of 2015

The home furnishing segment especially in the Indian market has seen a lot of interesting changes in the last decade.

From the advent of modular concepts to the latest emphasis on minimalism, home interiors have been constantly redefined by innovative ideas and changing aspiration levels.

We take a look at the top five things that seem to be working for home interiors this year.


1. Comfort matters most

Though this isn’t an altogether new notion, comfort has become the most important dictator with respect to design this year. Unlike times where aesthetically appealing furniture displayed class and demand, this year people have shifted to more relaxed looking sofas and butterfly chairs that are invitingly comfortable. This change can be largely attributed to a shift in perception – living rooms have become more of a lounge room where people love to stretch, recline or sprawl as per their convenience.  

2. Striking a balance between shades of white vs. bright colours

The style of putting together complimenting colors have taken a back seat this year with more people choosing to play the contrast card. Living rooms tend to use shades of white for the walls and carefully balanced stints of bright green, blue or gray to bring out an interesting element of contrast.  

3. Classic wooden furniture with contemporary twists

Another popular trend that has popped up this year is a fusion of rustic wooden furniture with modern elements. The most popular example is the use of trendy designer chairs with traditional teak dining tables. This unique combinations brings out the best of two contradicting schools of design in the same room while delivering a visual treat.

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