January 19, 2017

Top 3 myths about teak furniture!

Given that not every home furnisher is a timber specialist, we come across several claims about teak wood that aren’t as true as they sound. Here we discuss the top three myths about this precious tropical wood.  

Myth 1: You don’t have to be particular about teak. Cheaper alternatives are available.

While you can possibly make the same looking cot from both teak and shorea or a cheaper timber, the unique properties of teak wood that make it special can never be replicated. NEVER. If you really want to invest in high quality wood that doesn’t split or warp and endures almost forever, it is crucial that you insist on having teak and not settle for its so-called alternatives or imposters.  

Myth 2: Teak is not eco-friendly.

With the rising sensitivity over ecological sustainability and increasing advocacy of environment friendly options, teak wood has been under unfair scrutiny for not being nature-friendly. This is an absolutely incorrect notion. Unlike what people may think, teak used for furniture is not sourced from forests. Teak is grown in plantations mostly in dry and hilly terrains outside forest territories. In fact, it is completely decomposable and a far more renewable resource than plastic or metals which are often suggested as alternatives to teak.   One of the most amazing things about teak is how it can be effectively recycled to endure for very long periods of time. The most popular example of this would be the public benches in the UK that have been made out of a century old recycled teak wood. While plastic contaminates the environment for almost ever and metal furniture contributes to global energy inefficiency, teak wood is a natural hardwood that serves as an ethical investment.  

Myth 3: Teak is difficult to maintain.

This is probably the most stupidest of all myths because not only is this statement false but it is almost like an oxymoron. Easy maintenance is one of the fundamental qualities of teak wood. While there is a lot of advice on applying teak oil and polishing periodically, teak inherently does not require any treatment at all. The hardwood has natural oils that protect it from depreciation and ages gracefully even when left outside.

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